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    Tekni Kleen Computer Services are an experienced company providing care and protection to all types of computer environments and equipment.

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    PC cleaning
  • Clean and hygienic office equipment

    Clean and hygienic office equipment will also greatly enhance your working environment and can be a major contributor in reducing office sickness.

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    Server room cleaning
  • It looks clean and it is working at the moment, but when was it last properly cleaned...?

    How would your Organisation function if you had a major computer system failure due to contamination caused through a dirty neglected environment?

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    Computer room cleaning
Increased Performance

Reduce the risk of downtime

Data centres and business critical IT environments are an essential element to the smooth operation and function of daily business. A regular efficient cleaning schedule to your data centre and critical IT environments will help to reduce the risk of unplanned downtime and computer failure, ensuring increased performance and reliability.

Years of Experience

In business since 1988

Working with organisations and companies from all industry sectors, private to government, Tekni Kleen has gained many years of valuable experience and a proven track record decontaminating and servicing data centres, computer rooms, comms rooms, server rooms, hub rooms, switch rooms, ups rooms and pabx rooms in addition to providing PC and office equipment cleaning services.

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Regardless the size and location of your organisation, Tekni Kleen Computer Services can provide you with a cost effective nationwide solution to protect your systems and business critical IT environments. Don’t wait until it’s too late, proactive action today, can save thousands of pounds tomorrow. Call us today on 01438 751757 for an informal chat about your computer room cleaning requirements.

Data centre & post construction cleaning 
Data centre flooring : New & refurbs       
    Data centre environmental testing
Data centre cleaning

Tekni Kleen have been trading since 1988 and are a division of 8 Solutions, the UK’s leading data centre healthcare organisation. Our comprehensive nationwide service covers all areas of the UK to include cleaning and mechanical services to business critical computer environments.

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