Hub Room Cleaning
Hub Room Cleaning

Hub rooms are often the ‘Cinderella’ when it comes to arranging an IT cleaning schedule. The more robust data centre and server room seem to take president over these smaller rooms and in many cases are overlooked in preference to their bigger sexier brother. Often situated in an inconspicuous area on a floor, these rooms house only a very small quantity of racks, sometimes just one or two. Never the less, these are working in a confined area where dust, dirt and static are constantly being circulated, therefore it is crucial specialist cleaning is addressed on a regular basis.

Due to their size and location many hub rooms get overlooked, but in a large corporate building there could be one or two hub rooms on each floor. That could be a significant number of rooms that are being neglected and as a result this could contribute towards a major system failure somewhere down the line.

Our initial deep cleaning operation will include a thorough clean to the floor void where accessible, ceiling void, floor surface, internal and external of racks, high level cable trays, trunkings, door and ledges. Once these tasks have been performed regular service calls can then be arranged to suit your requirements.

UPS Room cleaning

Again another room that on many occasions is overlooked for specialist cleaning, but is all part of the jigsaw that makes up a data centre. A methodical approach is taken when tackling these rooms, but all surfaces where accessible will be vacuumed and wiped. Floor tiles are machine cleaned or the concrete floor surface is cleaned using the appropriate method.

If you are thinking of having your data centre / sever room cleaned do not forget to ask about the hub rooms and UPS room!



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