PC Cleaning
PC Cleaning

PCs - Love them or hate them, but we can't operate in the office without them. Are you aware that the most contaminated area of your office is often around your PC and Telephone?

Research has proven that a PC has 400 more times bacteria than a toilet seat and it gets worse. Your telephone can harvest 25,127 germs per square inch! Very alarming news when you consider the time you spend working at your keyboard and talking on the phone.

Do you sometimes hot desk or share a keyboard or telephone? You may wash your hands after a toilet visit, but has the previous user? If you analyse the potential hazards living and breeding on your equipment, now is the time to call us! Your office is probably cleaned on a daily basis, but the most important part of your office is often ignored. Daily office cleaners do not have the resources, insurance or expertise to undertake professional IT equipment cleaning.

What can you do about this?

Our nationwide service can confidently undertake professional cleaning to all items of office computer equipment including:

• PCs  • Laptops  • Dealer  • Turrets  • Printers  • Scanners  • Fax Machines  • Photocopiers  • Telephones 

Clean hygienic equipment will greatly enhance your working environment and can be a major contributor in reducing office sickness.

Don't delay and contact us today to discuss your requirements. We can provide you with a ‘one off' or a ‘regular planned' scheduled service.

Our prices for IT cleaning are very competitive. We are fully insured and have a very experienced team of staff that can service your requirements in a confident and friendly manner.

The superhighways for bacteria are our hands and the surfaces we touch. Viruses are transferred by our hands, especially cold viruses

It is impossible to turn our surroundings into sterile zones, but we can minimise the risk by regularly washing our hands and cleaning our IT equipment. Don’t delay, call us today. 


Tekni Kleen have been trading since 1988 and are a division of 8 Solutions, the UK’s leading data centre healthcare organisation. Our comprehensive nationwide service covers all areas of the UK to include cleaning and mechanical services to business critical computer environments.

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